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Artificial Intelligence · Machine Learning · Deep Learning Deployment & Optimizations · Computer Vision

Collaboration Process

Tell Your Needs to a Team of Virtuosos

Work with a team of experts. Our researchers, engineers, and managers understand that their work is their art. We strive for excellence.

Get a Feasibility and Budget Report

Our team will provide you with a budget estimation, an initial literature survey, and a technical analysis of your project for competitive prices.

Work with a Remote Team

With half a decade of remote working experience, we pride ourselves on seamless collaboration, clear communication and meticulous time management. We apply these values to every project.

Data Collection, Annotation Tool and Services

We provide you with software and a large network of experienced annotators to collect and annotate licensed data. We make sure you own the data in your project.

Intellectual Property Rights of Deliverables

IP Rights are our top priority. We transfer them to you, making sure your custom deliverables remain under your sole ownership.

Research, Develop and Deliver High Technology Software

Along with goal-oriented research and development, we provide delivery that adds real value and help our clients achieve extraordinary business results.

Our Team

About Us

Founded in 2010, Machinetutors has been transforming your ideas into brilliant AI software solutions. Led by a team of engineers, machine learning experts and more, Machinetutors offers machine learning consultancy and customized AI software development services. Machinetutors empowers businesses all over the world by solving real-world problems.